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The reason for this is that presently, Nvidia developers dislike the current preferred technique (GBM) and opt for a different one (with EGLStreams) to run Wayland on their drivers.
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Apr 28, 2017 · current Wayland compositors are designed around GBM, nvidia wants to use EGLStreams. It's a mess. Not so fun reading. You can always test using nouveau.
API, который используется в настоящее время чаще всего, называется GBM (Generic Buffer Management). Пока вы используете драйвер с открытым исходным кодом (AMDGPU / Radeon / nouveau), Wayland будет работать.
Dataset(data[, label, reference, weight, …]) Dataset in LightGBM. Booster([params, train_set, model_file, …]) Booster in LightGBM. CVBooster(). CVBooster in LightGBM.The API that’s currently in use the most is called GBM (Generic Buffer Management). So long as you’re using an open source driver (AMDGPU/Radeon/nouveau), Wayland will work. As Nvidia’s proprietary driver uses a different API (EGLStreams), things are different.
🚀 TOP aktuelle IT Sicherheit Nachrichten aus über 420 RSS IT Security Quellen. Team IT Security alle 15 Minuten aktuallisiert. IT Security ist abonierbar per RSS-Feed. Werde auch du Teil von der IT Sicherheit Community TEAM IT SECURITY. E pertanto sfrutta EGL, a cui affianco l'API GBM ( o EGLStreams nel caso dei driver proprietari NVidia ). GBM è supportata da Mesa, che implementa sia OpenGL che Vulkan. I client possono disegnare...
EGLStreams bring another disadvantage as the code to bind a buffer (what a window renders) to a The point is, that GBM was first and EGLStream was late to the party (or atleast its advantages...
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